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Clark County Funeral Services is a Low-Cost funeral service in Las Vegas Nv. We Serve Clark County, by offering a dignified alternative to high priced funeral Cost. CCFS is known in the community for our commitment to excellence in service.

   Simple Direct Cremation    


Traditional Funeral with Cremation Service 

Traditional Funeral with Burial 



 Alondra, Sales-Knight  03/2023 

 Bruce, Davis                 03/2023

 Anna, Salvaggio          03/2023

 Justin, Wolf                  03/2023

 Leroy T. Langeberg     03/2023

 David A. Carter            03/2023

       Customized Services

                   Every Family is Different

CCFS, understands that every family is different; therefore, each service is customized for each family in order to provide a fitting option for your loved one. Our "family" is honored to serve your family and we will do so with the highest respect and reverence.   


Clark County Funeral Services is here for you providing Funeral and cremation services of the highest quality at reasonable prices. When the need arises, we will provide a caring response night or day. We will serve our community by offering a dignified alternative to the rising cost of funerals 

Available 24 hours a day. Call us at (702) 641-2237

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