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Order Death Certificates

Certified Certificates or Copies?

Clark County Funeral Services helps clients to acquire certified death certificates around all areas in Nevada. You're however expected to order for additional copies through our the company's clerk.Such order should be placed in the region where the death happened or within Nevada. You can order certificates online or through the mail.


It's important to note that every financial institution decides on the importance of a certified death certificate prior to account closing. If the account will be closed by you, some banks make a copy of the original ones for reference purpose.It's advisable to contact your account manager to determine if your bank will accept duplicate or original certificate when closing a bank account.

Below is a list of items they may be required for the issuance of death certificate.


  • Social Security (If spouse or dependent children will be filing for death benefits)

  • Deed of Trust (Property)

  • Living Trust/ Trust accounts

  • Stock/bond/brokerage accounts

  • Oil/gas leases

  • Retirement accounts / IRA / 401K

  • Annuity

  • 403C

  • Employer (if still working)

  • Mutual Funds

  • Banking

    • Any type of Bank account

    • Safety deposit box

  • Tax Returns – Federal and State (IRS)

  • Personal Accounts

    • Cell Phone Companies

    • All major credit cards and department store cards

    • DMV

    • Other titled assets

  • Insurance Companies (Life, Health, Auto, etc)

  • Probating a Will

  • Real estate transactions

  • Family member personal records (optional)

  • Ancestry documentation (optional)

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