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1. Why should I subscribe to Clark County Funeral Service? 

Clark County Funeral Service is a company to consider for your burial because of the following reasons :

  • It was established to served families

  • Responsive and reliable customer support system

  • No additional charge by the arrangement staff

  • Home service 

  • Collaboration with all cemeteries.

2. What are the relevant information needed for the application of death certificate?

You will need to provide the following details when you meet with our staff 

  • The deceased full name

  • The deceased present home address  

  • Race and  Hispanic origin                  

  • His/her date of birth

  • His/her place of birth - city, state and country 

  • Nationality

  • Academic Status

  • Marital Status - Married/Never Married, Registered Domestic Partner, Widowed or Divorced. 

  • The surviving spouse full name (maiden will be needed if wife is the surviving spouse)

  • Social Security Number

  •  Occupation

  • Kind of Business or Industry?

  • Ever in US Armed Forces?

    • If Yes, which and dates of service?                 

    • Please provide a copy of discharge paper (and marriage certificate, if married) if possible.

  • Father’s full  name?

  • Mother’s full maiden name?

  • Next of Kin’s full name

  • Next of Kin’s address?

  • Next of Kin’s phone?

  • Next of Kin’s email?

  • Name of the cemetery?

  • Location of Cemetery?


3. What are the available cemeteries for clients? 

Clark County Funeral Service collaborates with all cemeteries. We sacrifice our time to furnish you with the best information regarding the cemeteries in your area. It's important for you to note that pricing and location changes according to the location of each cemetery.

We also assist a client to purchase cemetery properties and also help in handling other tasks at the cemetery. 

4. Is it possible to plan funeral arrangement ahead of time and also pay for the service in advance?

Yes, it's possible to do that. Our past clients enjoy the comfort pre-planning arrangement offers them. It eliminates all forms of stress which may occur at the death of their loved ones.Advance payment helps you to avoid any increase in the cost of service which may happen in the nearest future.


5.  Is it possible to migrate my pre-paid funeral plan from another company to your company?

Definitely. You are allowed to transfer your plan before or after the death of your loved ones. Note that transfers are done free of charge. You also need to be informed that we need to notify the third party involved about your new decision before embarking on any transfer process.


6. What will be my fate if the cemetery property of mine is located in another city?

Our team will collaborate with you and the cemetery you've chosen for the deceased.They will handle all the preparation and shipping tasks.


7. Can you differentiate between a memorial and funeral service?

A funeral is a term that describes a service which features the deceased body. At memorial service,the deceased body is absent.



8. Why funeral or memorial service?

Both services offers families and friends the chance to celebrate the life of thier loved one and also wish the dead a goodbye.


9. Which place can one hold a funeral or memorial service ?

It can hold in any place family and friends of the deceased prefers. Most people, however, hold the service at worship centre or funeral home.


10. Am I opportuned to customize a memorial or funerial service to my taste ?

Of course ,Yes. Most clients achieve this objective by working with our team to create a short and interesting video which consists of the deceased best songs and pictures.We will be ready to work with you too.


11. Must I embalm the corpse?

Depending on your funeral arrangement, it may be required of you to embalm the dead body. Embalment will be mandatory for an arrangement that includes the viewing of a corpse.You can contact us for further clarification.


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