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Welcome to the official website of Clark County Funeral Service. We are one of the Low-Cost funeral homes who offers clients a dignified, memorable and compassionate funeral service at low Affordable rates. Our mission is to become an alternative to the big corporate morgues and cremation chains within South Nevada and Las Vegas.

Our staffs are always ready to interact and plan your event with you. When searching for a company that can be of good advantage during the cremation, funeral service or event planning of your loved ones, Clark County Funeral Services is the right company to consider.We are supportive and indeed professional. Because we value healthy relationship between our staff and clients, we've worked hard to provide you with the best customer support system.The wonderful reviews posted by our clients speaks a lot about us. 


Clark County Funeral Service provides maximum support to assist you with your cremation, burial or funeral needs. Our clients include Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Hindu and Buddhist, as well as the Veteran, Hispanic, Asian and GLBT communities. We work with several families in Las Vegas, Henderson and various places in South Nevada.


For personalized information about us, kindly contact us through the available channels or visit our office today.





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